The Mortar

The first-ever 3lb weighted pull buoy!

$ 39.95

What The Brick does for your core and kick, The Mortar does for your core and pull. Regular buoys and boards do half the work for you. They carry a massive amount of your weight and reduce the burden of training the way you have to race, which is with your entire body.

At just over 3 pounds, The MORTAR does what no other buoy, stretch cord, parachute, or you name it can:

  • Strengthens core muscles because The MORTAR only supports itself, so you have to engage your core to keep those giant leg muscles up on the water
  • Improves your catch because the added resistance forces you to pull smarter
  • Speeds up your turns because you're flipping the weight over your body or pulling it under every time you turn


  • Doubles as dryland weight!

All of which leads to:

  • Improved body position so you swim on top of the water, not through it