Ali DeLoof

Ali is a World and American Record Holder and member of the NY Breakers.  A backstroke specialist and former University of Michigan standout, Ali is a member of Team Elite training alongside a strong contingent of sprinters under David Marsh.   
Ali's list of accomplishments includes: 
  • World Record Holder - 200 SCM Medley Relay
  • American Record Holder - 50 SCM Back
  • U.S. National Team 2016-2018
  • 2017 World University Games Gold Medalist - 50m Back
  • NCAA All-American
  • University of Michigan Swimming & Diving Captain 2015-2016
"I am grateful and honored to be joining Fike Swim as an ambassador!  Being a part of this team means so much to me because the products are unprecedented and have been designed with swimmers in mind.  I look forward to my pro career in swimming and being able to represent the Fike Swim brand."

"Ali is an exceptional swimmer, of course, but she really gets what we're doing at Fike Swim and she lives the SWIM DIFFERENT motto.  Doing things differently to do them better is what we're all about.  And having her and Gabby together is really special." -James Fike, Founder Fike Swim

Q&A with Ali DeLoof
Q: Who is your coach and which team do you compete for?
A: "Team Elite under David Marsh"

Q: How did you get into swimming?
A: "I started when I was eight years old on a summer league team with one of my friends and found out that I was pretty good.  I broke a 25 yard back record for my age group.  My sisters soon followed in my footsteps and it became a family affair." 

Q: What is your favorite event? 
A: "100 back!  It's always kinda come naturally to me.  Plus, it's a lot better than the 200!"

Q: How many yards per week do you train?
A: "40,000-45,000 yards per week."

Q: What does your favorite set look like?
A: 3-4 rounds of the following to train more middle distance speed:

4x 50 LCM Backstroke on 1:10 Brown (200 pace) holding 30 seconds or better

2x 50 LCM Backstroke on 1:00 Brown holding 30 seconds or better

75 Purple/25 EZ on 1:40- 50 in and out of the turn fast, 25 fast working on holding a rate of 1.3


3-4 rounds of the following alternating free and back per round to train sprint speed:

50 Green (50/100 pace) on 1:00 holding at or under 30 seconds

35 Green/Purple, 15 EZ on 1:10

25 Purple (sprint like the last 25 of a race) on :30

25 Purple on :30

Q: What are your competition goals?
A: "This year I am working towards making it back on the National Team and to set myself up to qualify for the Olympics." 

Q: What are your practice goals to help you reach your race goals?
A: "Good streamlines off the walls, 4-5 dolphin kicks off every wall, fast turns, attention to details, being open-minded to new drills, techniques and/or workouts, and taking care of my body outside of the pool with recovery and prehab on existing injuries."

Q: Favorite dryland exercise?
A: "Boxing and spinning.  They're short-burst exercises that help me finish my races." 

Q: Favorite post-workout meal?
A: "Chocolate milk or Vanilla Core Power Recovery Shake after workout.  For breakfast it would have to be two eggs over medium with avocado toast, mixed berry fruit bowl, and some cooked spinach or kale seasoned with a little salt, pepper and oregano."

Q: Swimmer role model and why
A: "Natalie Coughlin, of course, one of the greatest female backstrokers ever!"
Q: Non-swimmer role model and why
A: "Mia Hamm, she's an amazing soccer player and probably the first female international soccer star."

Q: Something most people don't know about you
A: "I love DIY crafts and reading, and I just finished up my Masters in Elementary Education at the University of Michigan as of August 2018.  When I finish swimming I would like to be a third or fourth grade teacher."