Ashley Neidigh

Ashley is a rising distance star and US National Champion in the 500 free.  A former Bolles School and Auburn University standout, Ashley is now a member of Indiana University’s pro group and trains under Mike Westphal and assistant coach Caitlin Hamilton.  Since Olympic Trials in 2016, she has been on a tear, dropping time in amounts that would make an age grouper jealous.    
Ashley's list of accomplishments includes: 
  • 2017 US Winter Nationals Champion in the 500 free
  • 2017 US World Championship Trials 8th in the 400 free
  • 2016 US Olympic Trials 38th in the 400 free and 27th in the 800 free
  • Auburn school record holder in the 1000
  • NCAA All-American
  • SEC champion in the 1650
"I am so excited to be joining Fike Swim!  I love that Fike shows a genuine love for the sport of swimming and is looking to help swimmers everywhere.  I am very lucky to be a part of this team!"
"Ashley is capable of shocking the world this summer, and I’m just excited to be with her cheering her on.  We are so lucky to have Ashley on our team.  She’s more than an incredible swimmer, she’s also one of the nicest people in the sport.  She fits perfectly with what we’re building at Fike Swim.” -James Fike, Founder Fike Swim
Q&A with Ashley Neidigh
Q: Who is your coach and which team do you compete for?
A: "I've been training with Indiana University under Mike Westphal and Caitlin Hamilton for a little over a year now and I absolutely love it.  The practices and the environment fit perfectly with my goals and personality.  I also represent Mission Viejo and have a learned a lot from those coaches and swimmers."
Q: How did you get into swimming?
A: "It started with lessons at the community pool just down the street.  Once I could make it I joined the summer team with my sister and it just kept going from there."
Q: What is your favorite event? 
A: "The mile has always been my favorite event.  I love the way it tests you mentally and physically over a long period.  I truly get excited for it."
Q: How many yards per week do you train?
A: "We hit about 80k in the distance group, which is way more than I did before joining IU and I can’t get enough of it!"
Q: What does your favorite set look like?
A: "Anything that involves repeats of 300s and up!"
Q: What are your 2018 competition goals?
A: "I really want to fulfill my dream of making the National Team, and hopefully that means qualifying for Pan Pacific Championships as well!"
Q: What are your practice goals to help you reach your race goals?
A: "My first goal for every practice is to make sure I'm getting the most out of my stroke by managing my gallop, such that it gives me a good rhythm and doesn't become a bouncing up and down motion."
Q: Favorite dryland exercise?
A: "Pull ups!  Going into college I couldn't do a single one.  In college I got up to three and now I'm up to eight."
Q: Favorite post-workout meal?
A: "I love to make BBQ meatloaf, sweet potatoes, and asparagus.  I also love going Noddles and Company with the distance group and getting the penne rosa!"
Q: Swimmer role model and why
A: "Ozzie Quevedo, who was my coach at Auburn for three years and now coaches FSU, is such a phenomenal person.  He really cares about his swimmers, works hard, loves what he does, and makes everyone around him better."
Q: Non-swimmer role model and why
A: "Eminem inspires me, just with the way he never gave up, came back from such a low place, and used the setbacks to make himself and his work better."
Q: Something most people don't know about you
A: "I like to play piano, it’s a great release and very soothing.  Also, I have a Chihuahua named Buddy."