Emily Escobedo

Emily is one of the world's top breaststrokers.  A former University of Maryland Baltimore County standout and current school record holder in nine events, Emily is a member of the Condors Swim Club in New York under coach Jon Hulbert.     
Emily's list of accomplishments includes: 
  • 2017-2019 U.S. National Team member
  • 4th at 2018 Summer Nationals - 200 Breast
  • 2017 World Top 16 - 200 Breast
  • 3rd at 2016 & 2017 NCAA Championships - 200 Breast
  • 10th at the 2016 Olympic Trials - 200 Breast
  • NCAA All-American
  • Captain of the UMBC Swimming & Diving Team
"I am super excited to be joining Fike Swim as an ambassador! It is an honor to be a part of a team that works to create innovative tools to benefit swimmers. I am eager to have the opportunity to grow with Fike Swim as I continue my professional career!" -Emily

"I couldn’t be more excited to work with Emily!  She’s a wonderful person with a big heart who serves in her community.  And I think we’ve only seen a glimpse of her swimming potential." -James Fike, Founder Fike Swim

Q&A with Emily Escobedo
Q: Who is your coach and which team do you compete for?
A: "I swim for Condors Swim Club in New York under coach Jon Hulbert."

Q: How did you get into swimming?
A: "I started swimming on a summer team when I was 5, and began a year-round YMCA team when I was 6.  It was on that YMCA team where I fell in love with the sport and made lifelong friends and mentors.  Throughout my career, swimming has given me the opportunity to travel to new places, meet incredible people and role models, and truly grow as individuals and athletes, and I think that is the best part of our sport!" 

Q: What is your favorite event? 
A: "I love the 200 Breast, but my favorite events that I don’t get to swim as much are the 100 yard IM and 100 yard fly.  I love being able to use my kick outs and love the sprint aspect of those races!"

Q: How many yards per week do you train?
A: "On average, I swim 6,800 yards per practice.  Of course that varies depending on what we are doing.  If it’s long, aerobic sets, we might get up to 7,500 and on sprint days where we race off the blocks it might be around 5,800.  Morning practices are 2 days a week for an hour and a half and that yardage varies depending on if we're doing speed and power or technique."

Q: What does your favorite set look like?
A: "I train SCY most often throughout the year.  One set we do a few times a year is 20x50s best average on :50 main stroke.  I do breaststroke and usually begin the set holding :33 lows. Once I get into it, I typically hold :32 low and can get a few :31s.  I am a swimmer who takes a bit of warming up before I get into the groove of it!  This set is awesome for working on holding a strong pace, and keeping the endurance.
We also do different variations of that set, holding best average.  We might start at :50 and decrease the interval as the set progresses.  For example, we might do 6x50s on :50, 4x50 on :45, 3x50 on :40, 1x:50 on 35.  As a predominantly 200 breast swimmer, this type of set helps build my endurance to hold a strong pace and be able to finish a race."

Q: What are your competition goals?
A: "My competition goals are to go personal bests in my breaststroke and IM events at the end of the season.  My biggest goal for this year is to go a 2:21in the 200 breast. My long term goal is to qualify for the Olympics in 2020 in the 200 Breast.

Q: What are your practice goals to help you reach your race goals?
A: "Everyday I go into a workout, I try to go in with a positive mentality.  I think mindset is a very important part of every aspect of the sport.  If you keep a positive mindset, achieving success will be much easier.  During a practice I give 100% of whatever I have that day.  I want to be sure I am giving it my all, so at the end of the season when I look back I will have no regrets or doubts.  I will go into my championship meet knowing I did everything in my power to set myself up for success and knowing that will help me race confidently."

Q: Favorite dryland exercise?
A: "My favorite lift is the power clean!  I think it works all different muscle groups, and builds both strength and power!

Q: Favorite post-workout meal?
A: "After a workout I'm usually so hungry that anything tastes good, but I love to eat chicken parm and pasta. The best nights are when dinner is followed by a bowl of ice cream!"
Q: Something most people don't know about you
A: "Something many people don't know about me is that I am currently in graduate school for a dual masters in early childhood education and special education!  I love teaching and want to pursue early childhood special education!"