Eva Fabian

Eva is a US National Teamer, 5K World Champion, and former Yale standout.  Her list of accomplishments includes: 
  • 2015 10K Gold Medalist - Pan Am Games
  • 2015 25K Bronze Medalist - World Championships
  • 2011 10K Gold Medalist - US Nationals
  • 2010 5K Gold Medalist - World Championships
  • 2010 and 2014 Silver Medalist - Pan Pacific Champs
  • 2008 5K Gold Medalist - US Nationals
"I'm really excited to be working with Fike Swim because I'm always interested in innovation in swimming.  Swimming is such a beautiful sport in that we are always evolving as athletes, and there is always technical work to do.  I can't wait to challenge myself with new products and new training techniques, and to share ideas with other swimmers aspiring to improve!"
On The Brick - "Body position is essential to swimming, and especially important to open water swimming.  The 10K is a two hour race, and it is easy to let body position decline throughout the duration of the 10K.  The Brick helps me focus on developing my core muscles and the muscle memory necessary to hold body position throughout my race, and to finish fast!"
Q&A with Eva Fabian
Q: Who is your coach and which team do you compete for?
A: "Jack Fabian (father) with Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics in New York."
Q: What is your favorite event? 
A: "10K!! And if the 5K pull was an event, that would be favorite."
Q: How many yards per week do you train?
A: "Anywhere from 70,000-85,000."
Q: What does an average set look like?
A: "My favorite is 4x(300-200-150-100) all pull on 20 seconds rest in between.  Go with how you feel.  So some days it turns into an all-out race set and some days it's a nice chill pull."
Q: What are your goals for next season?
A: "Qualify for World Championships and get on the podium."
Q: What are your practice goals to help you reach your race goals?
A: "I like focusing on two small technical things in the morning and two different technical things at night.  For example, I will focus on my breath timing and hand position in the morning and my hip timing and body position at night."
Q: Favorite dryland exercise?
A: "Definitely pull ups"
Q: Favorite post-workout meal?
A: "Anything with brussel sprouts because I am strange."
Q: How did you get into Open Water Swimming?
A: "Through ocean races in Atlantic City when I was an age group swimmer!  I used to spend time in the summers at my grandparent's house and would spend all day in the water.  I did a pier-to-pier race when I was 11 and fell in love with ocean racing."
Q: What does coffee mean to you?
A: "I view coffee as a lifestyle, not merely as a beverage."
Q: How many times have you read Harry Potter?
A: "My calculator failed trying to add how many times I've read the series!"
Q: What was your major at Yale?
A: "Music performance with a focus on violin performance.  I've been playing since I was five years old!  I love the technical challenges of the instrument and the experience of performing."